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Its funny how in marketing you can create some of your best work when working for someone else, but when it comes to the dreaded "About Me" section you draw a blank!!  Literally crickets at the keyboard. 

So, where do I start?  Marketing has become a part of me.  A confident, stylish part of me that I was missing working almost 20 years in other fields.  I started Digital Waves on a whim after creating a business website for a restaurant I was bartending at.  Most people don't start a marketing business after creating a template driven website where they basically fill in the already created blanks.  But I'm not most people.  

It was a simple website but the enjoyment I got out of working on it was beyond words. I put so much time and effort into that site, I knew then that I found what I was meant to do.  The strategic and creative aspect of social media marketing and web design are so incredibly important to flourishing businesses.  Social media is the first place many people check to understand who a brand is and what they are made of.  My goal is to be a part of those growing business teams by helping them to achieve digital greatness!

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